Museum Haus des Papiers

Seydelstraße 30
DE - 10117 Berlin
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Panorama of: Museum Haus des Papiers (c) by Museum Haus des Papiers. All rights reserved.

The Haus des Papiers is the world's first museum of its kind dedicated exclusively to contemporary paper art. We do not show art ON paper, such as drawings or paintings, but art FROM paper. We present paper as a primary artistic and creative medium in all its surprising diversity and limitless creative potential.

Our exhibition shows outstanding paper art in a wide variety of media and combinations: Objects, paper stitching, paper cut, paper and porcelain, charred paper and conceptual art. The exhibited artists include both internationally established and young, up-and-coming names.

Alongside the collection, the museum also has a constantly growing library with artist and exhibition catalogs as well as various specialist publications on modern and contemporary paper art.