STIHL Markenwelt

Badstraße 115
DE - 71336 Waiblingen
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Panorama of: STIHL Markenwelt (c) by STIHL Markenwelt. All rights reserved.

Why did Andreas Stihl invent a portable chainsaw? How did the Swabian company become a global brand?

In addition to the company history and STIHL’s product innovations, the STIHL brand world shows the importance of forests and forestry for the global society on an exhibition area of 1.500 square meters.

Level 2 – vision: The tour starts with an insight into the history of forestry, leads past the most important product milestones and presents how the family company became a global brand.

Level 1 – innovation: Exciting explanatory modules provide a deep insight into technical innovations and production processes as well as modern battery technology, safety and ergonomics. 

Level 0 – emotion: In the exhibition space “Fascinating Forests”, the forest takes centre stage. The exhibition provides information about sustainability and modern forestry from the perspective of scientists and forestry professionals. In the interactive TIMBERSPORTS® area, people can experience the extreme sport right next door.

In addition, the STIHL brand world offers an extensive brand shop and a comfortable café serving regional beverages and small dishes.