The Customs National Museum

1 place de la Bourse
FR - 33000 Bordeaux
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The Customs National museum presents the history of the customs administration from Antiquity to our days. It presents the goals, organisation and tasks of the customs authorities, in a national context, as well as the construction of the French state and it relations with the world. At the heart of a magnificent architecture, the museum puts into light the involvement of the customs authorities in French economic life, and focuses on the causes and consequences of the major economic theories. Unique in France, this museum offers an original and unexpected re-discovery of French history through that of one of the oldest administrations. The collections of artefacts and works of art illustrate the evolution of the organisation of the customs, the influence of economic theories on the country, the bonds between the customs and the army, the development of the means of transport and smuggling, etc. As any museum, the Customs National Museum has two main tasks : the gathering and conservation of historical collections, and their exhibition to the public in order to educate and inform about the history of this authority and of its development and place in society. The Customs National Museum was created by the General Customs and Excise Directorate. It opened its doors in 1984. It is the only museum of customs history in France.